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Determining Alimony
Length of Alimony
Different Types of Alimony
Definition of Alimony
Ex-spouse Refusing to Pay the Court Ordered Alimony
Alimony Payments in Georgia When A Spouse Doesn’t Work
Automatically Entitled to Alimony

Car Accident

Choosing the Right Car Accident Attorney
Determining the Value of a Car Accident Case
How Long You Have to File an Auto Accident Claim
Auto Accident Timeline
Talking to Insurance after a Car Crash
Common Mistakes Made During A Car Accident Case
After a Car Crash if the Other Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance
What To Do After a Car Accident
Steps to Take After a Car Accident
Paying Medical Bills From Your Auto Accident


Will People Know I Filed for Bankruptcy?
Preparing to File for Bankruptcy
Spouse’s Bankruptcy Affecting Your Credit
Falling Behind on Mortgage Payments
Rebuilding Credit After a Bankruptcy
Affects of Bankruptcy On a Credit Report
Differences of Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Why You Should File for Bankruptcy
How Long Bankruptcy Stays on a Credit Report
Handling Creditors after Filing for Bankruptcy

Business Litigation

Reasons for Business Litigation
Difference Between Mediation and Arbitration
Business Partner Breaching Out Contract
Types of Business Disputes We Handle
When You need a Business Litigation Lawyer
Alternatives to Litigation
Settling a Business Dispute Outside of Court
Settling a Business Dispute on your Own
Choosing the right business litigation attorney
Length of Business Litigation
Altering Contract Terms

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Assets Protected Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Cost of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
How long a chapter 7 bankruptcy takes to complete
Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy
Choosing an Attorney for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Benefits of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Who is not eligible for a chapter 7 discharge
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
After filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Non-dischargeable Debts under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Debtor Issuing Payroll on Paydays in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Operating business to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy
Resolving Disputed Claim in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Choosing an Attorney for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
After filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Chapter 11 bankruptcy 
Goal of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 
Preparing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Who May File Under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Why a Company files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

Eligibility to file for Chapter 12 bankruptcy
Keeping a Business After Chapter 12 Bankruptcy
Issuing Payroll after Chapter 12 Bankruptcy
Using Cash Collateral Without Court Approval
Resolving Disputed Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Claims 
Choosing an Attorney for a Chapter 12 Bankruptcy 
Time to File Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Reorganization Plans
Chapter 12 Bankruptcy
The Chapter 12 Plan
Pre-filing Actions Not to Take Before Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

More Family Law Videos

What Can I Expect on My Family Law Court Date?
The Discovery Process
The Do’s and Don’t’s of Social Media

Child Custody

Custody Rights of Grandparents
How Custody is Determined
Being Denied Visitation
Moving Out of Georgia During a Custody Case
Children Choosing Which Parent to Live with
Unhappy with a Parenting Plan
Definition of Parenting Time
Courts Favoring the Mother
Hiring a Child Custody Attorney
3 Rules for Sharing Child Custody Over the Summer

Child Support

Child Support when the Child Refuses to See You
Splitting College Costs
Collecting Back Child Support
Modifying Child Support Payments
Child Support for Extracurricular Activities
Timeline of Child Support
Ex Refusing to Pay Child Support
Calculating Child Support
Reducing Child Support After Moving Houses

Criminal Defense

Charged with Disorderly Conduct
Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Attorney 
How the Criminal Defense Process Works
Timeline of a Criminal Case in Georgia
Helping a Loved One with Their Criminal Charge
Bonding out of Jail
Lying About Your Identity
Drug and Gun Possession
Failing to Appear in Court
Shoplifting Charges
Criminal Damages to Property
Charged with Vandalism
Being Charged with Assault
Charged with Domestic Violence
Arrested for Drug Possession
Distribution of a Controlled Substance Charges
First-Time Criminal Offense


Divorce Mediation Cost
Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce
What is a Pro Se Divorce?
Changing to Maiden Name During a Divorce in Georgia
Sharing a Home During Divorce
Going to Court for Divorce
Alleviating Divorce Expenses
Choosing a Divorce Attorney
Divorcing Someone Who Doesn’t Live in Georgia
How Divorce Mediation Works
Inheritance in the Divorce Process
Uncontested Divorce Timeline
How Long Does a Divorce Take?
The Grounds for Divorce
Equitable Distribution
Division of Assets Process
Family House During a Divorce
First Step in the Divorce Process
What to Bring to a Divorce Consultation
Personal Belongings During the Divorce Process
Summer Home During a Divorce
Owning a Business with Your Ex Before a Divorce
Payment for Legal Fees During a Divorce
Division of Marital Property in Georgia


Arrested for a DUI? Follow These Next Steps
DUI Less Safe vs. DUI Per Se
Losing your Job After a DUI
Losing your License After a DUI
DUI with Children in the Car
Being Charged with Underage DUI
DUI with Prior Convictions
First-Time DUI
Going to Jail for a DUI
Duration of a DUI on your Record
Timeline for a DUI Case
Defending Yourself in a DUI Case
Cost of a DUI Attorney
Choosing a DUI Attorney
Getting Pulled Over for a DUI

Personal Injury

Avoiding Personal Injury Trial
Emotional Damages in a Personal Injury Case
Settling a Personal Injury Case Out of Court
Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney
The Personal Injury Settlement Timeline
Pre-existing Conditions in a Personal Injury Case
Minimum Amount of Medical Bills
Personal Injury Settlement Offers
Personal Injury Expert Witnesses
Going to Trial for a Personal Injury Case