Different Types of Alimony in Georgia

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What are the different types of alimony?



I Different Types of Alimony in Georgiawas speaking with a current client the other day in whose situation we had already determined that alimony was going to be something that would be a factor for her based on her financial situation, the other party’s income, and his ability to pay her alimony following a very lengthy marriage. There are different types of alimony in Georgia. Those alimony types can come into play and benefit certain people, whereas the other type would benefit some other folks. For a lump sum alimony, which is one type of alimony in Georgia, you may want a one-time payout for a piece of property or another investment account. You may want all the control of that alimony so that you can invest it, reinvest it, spend it the way you wish, or purchase a home if you have moved out of the marital residence. That lump sum alimony is a one-time payment. There’s also periodic alimony, which is paid out throughout a certain period of time as established by the judge and at a certain monthly or yearly amount. That circumstance may benefit you because it helps you live the lifestyle that you’ve already established, and you can count on that payment for a certain period of time. Now, there is alimony in Georgia that can be modified by the court if there’s a change of circumstance. Some people don’t like that option. They don’t like that they don’t know for sure for a period of time that they’re going to be receiving this alimony payment, which is why some people would rather get more money upfront in a lump sum amount or maybe more money for a shorter period of time. Ultimately, if you’re negotiating, you can talk about those different types of alimony with the other side and reach an agreement. By the time you go to a trial, you would want to have already established in your mind what type of alimony you would want and what better benefits you so that we can ask the court for a specific type, whether it’s lump sum or periodic alimony. If you have questions about the type of alimony that you may be eligible to receive or what may be best for you, please give our office a call so I can walk you through that process.


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