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Family law issues can be overwhelming. A lot of tension and stress usually comes with having to deal with family court. Our Georgia family law attorneys are here to help make the process much easier for you and everyone involved. 

We are for the people who need stability in the midst of the chaos of life, who need help when the road gets challenging.

Through competence and consistency, Hall & Navarro rises above any challenge through fearlessly representing every client facing a family law matter.

Independent of other law firms, we believe in service that sees clients instead of case numbers, has an outstanding commitment to every client and their child(ren), and offers superior representation.

Let our family handle your family’s needs. Call the Georgia family lawyers at Hall & Navarro today to get started.

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Our Georgia family law attorneys understand how difficult divorce can be for parties involved. Our goal is for your divorce to be easier, smoother, and faster, if at all possible.

There are two types of divorce: contested and non-contested. Ideally, you would go through a non-contested divorce where you and your soon to be ex-spouse agree on most things and can use a mediator. Non-contested divorces do not need a judge to deliberate about what happens in the divorce.

Contested divorces are as it sounds— much more difficult. They often involve more tension and stress between the two divorcing parties. Unfortunately, it’s going to be more difficult this way and take a longer amount of time. The best thing that you can do is have a lawyer on your side to achieve a fair result.

Regardless if your divorce goes smoothly over a couple of weeks, or is a longer and arduous process, we are here to help.


Alimony won’t be involved with every single divorce, but our Georgia family law attorneys are apt in handling divorces that do require some form of spousal support. Again, not every divorce is going to have alimony involved because not every divorce needs it.

Alimony is typically given to the party in the divorce who requires financial support in order to maintain the lifestyle which they’ve been accustomed to, so long as it is reasonable. If one spouse is working and the other is not, alimony may be given either temporarily or permanently, so that the spouse can provide for themselves. Understand that alimony can be requested at any time during the divorce process by either party but is only granted to one.

Every single case is unique. If alimony is something you are pursuing, you should speak with our Georgia family law attorneys. 

Child Custody

Child custody matters can be very stressful for everyone involved. Our Georgia family law attorneys want to be sure that you are represented well when custody is being deliberated. While we will be there for you to help make sure that the end result reflects what we believe to be fair for you, at the end of the day custody is going to be based on what is best for the children.

There are several different outcomes to custody agreements. There might be one person who has sole custody of the children, the parties may have joint physical custody and the children will spend even time with them, or one parent might have physical custody while both parents have legal custody. Legal custody means that you can help make decisions about education, medical decisions, and extracurricular activities.

Again, the judge is going to work in the best interest of the children. You might be worried if he or she will favor one party over the other. It does not work like that. Factors such as what housing each party has, the finances of each party, their relationship to the child, and more go into determining how custody is going to be granted.

Child Support

Child support is a very complicated matter in family law. It is enforced through the law, which means you cannot be late for payments or skip payments. You can get into serious legal trouble if that happens. Every case of child support is going to be different. An agreement will be met based on custody, finances, and more. Our Georgia family law attorneys will work to ensure that it is both fair to your children and to yourself.