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Sharing a Home During Divorce in Georgia

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Can we share the same home during a pending divorce?


Sharing a Home During Divorce in GeorgiaI had a client call me with what is not a unique situation and asked me if both he and his wife could share the marital residence during their pending divorce in Georgia. In fact, you can, and it is more and more common just from an economic standpoint that folks going through a divorce remain under the same roof until everything is finalized. The key to the situation is you cannot act as husband and wife while you’re living in the home together, specifically you cannot consummate the marriage. If you do that and your divorce complaint has been filed, it is subject to being dismissed. You can live under the same roof, but you cannot cohabitate, and you cannot hold yourself out as husband and wife. If you have question about this or anything else related to your divorce, I’d love to help you with it. Please don’t hesitate to call me.

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