Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Georgia

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What steps should I follow for my car accident case?


We have people call us and they Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Georgiawant to know what to do to start a claim that resulted from an auto accident that occurred in Georgia. What are the first steps to start that claim? The first steps would be to make sure that your auto accident is documented by law enforcement, if at all possible, that you make a note of whatever witnesses were present at the scene of the auto accident. As time goes on, you need to maintain your medical bills, write down the doctors that you see, and journal your recovery. Eventually, you may be in a position to have to file a lawsuit, but you have two years, basically, from the date of the accident until you are required in Georgia to file that lawsuit. You are not immediately required to file suit, but the first steps would be gathering all the information relating to your injury and then contacting an attorney as soon as you can. If you’ve been in an auto accident and you need assistance, we’d be happy to help you with that. Please call us.

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