Preparing to File for Bankruptcy

I’m Paige Kicklighter, the Bankruptcy Legal Assistant for Hall & Navarro. I help our clients navigate the bankruptcy process daily and have been working as a bankruptcy legal assistant for over 10 years. If you’re preparing to file for bankruptcy, there are some items that you should bring with you when you meet with your attorney. You will receive more accurate legal advice if you have these on hand. It will also help your attorney determine which type of bankruptcy would be the best option for your unique situation.

Tax Documents When Filing Bankruptcy

First, be sure to have your tax documents on hand. Keep in mind that all your federal and state taxes should be filed. If your taxes are not filed, alert your attorney during your initial consultation. Also let your attorney know about any taxes that are owed, including what the amount owed is, what year they are owed for, and when they were filed.

Proof of Income Documents for Bankruptcy

Next, if you are preparing to file for bankruptcy, you will need to show proof of your income. This must include all sources of income for the household. So, if you are married, your spouse’s income must be reviewed as well. Any of the following income sources will be evaluated:

  • Standard paychecks
  • Social Security
  • VA Benefits
  • Disability
  • Food stamps
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Rental income
  • Contributions from friends or family members
  • Any business income that you may receive

Retirement Accounts & Life Insurance

Any retirement accounts will need to be reviewed as well. If you have a 401K or an IRA account, your attorney will need to know what company it is with and what the balance is. Additionally, any term, whole, or universal life insurance policies must be accounted for. You will also need to report the cash or surrender value if there is one.

Lawsuits Are Considered when Filing Bankruptcy

The fourth item for consideration is lawsuits. If you are or were involved in any past or present lawsuits, your attorney will need to know which court it is filed through, what the case number is, and what the amounts are. If you are unable to retrieve this information, your attorney can pull this information for you so that it can be included under your bankruptcy case.

Creditor Information Needed when Filing Bankruptcy

The final item is information on your creditors. If you decide to file for bankruptcy, your credit report will be pulled. However, sometimes some creditors are not listed on your credit report. Additional creditor information needed includes any medical bills that you have, along with any personal friends or family members that you owe money to. When you file for bankruptcy, you must list all your creditors; you cannot exclude anyone.

Bankruptcy Attorneys in Springfield, Statesboro, & Swainsboro, GA

This list may seem overwhelming. However, having a knowledgeable and caring bankruptcy legal team to help you navigate the path can make all the difference. If you are preparing to file for bankruptcy or have any questions, contact us at Hall & Navarro, or fill out our free bankruptcy evaluation form

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