Charged with Disorderly Conduct in Georgia

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How can you help me if I’m charged with disorderly conduct?


I had a client who was charged with disorderly conduct in Georgia. He was inquiring as to what an attorney could do for him in this case. Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor in Georgia. If I’m the attorney on the case, I certainly can help you with that.

Charged with Disorderly Conduct in GeorgiaThe misdemeanor punishments are up to one year in jail, up to $1,000 fine, and you may also have to do some anger management classes or have some other terms and circumstances that the court requires of you. If you hire me as your attorney to assist you, we can mitigate that punishment, and, in most cases, do away with the jail time or limit the fines. It may even be a situation depending on the circumstance that the disorderly conduct can be either dismissed or reduced to a county ordinance so that your criminal history is not affected, and it doesn’t follow you on through your life.

Please call me. Every case is different and unique. I’m happy to help you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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