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The Discovery Process in Contested Family Law Cases

The Discovery Process in Family Law Cases | Hall & Navarro

I’m Alexis Agnew, a legal assistant for Hall & Navarro. I wanted to answer a question that is very common within contested matters, and that is: What is Discovery? Discovery is a process that requires each party to collect information and documentation relevant to their case, whether it be a divorce, modification, legitimation, or other […]

Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce

Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce | Hall & Navarro | Georgia Family Law Attorneys

Considering divorce? You may have even already scheduled a consultation with an attorney to discuss it. If so, one of the first questions you will likely be asked is whether you are seeking an uncontested or contested divorce. Understanding the difference between the two up front will help you gauge the timeline and potential costs […]

When a Judge Will Agree to Child Custody Modification in Georgia

Georgia Custody Modification | Hall & Navarro | Georgia Family Lawyers

You may be considering child custody modification in Georgia, or have questions or thoughts about changing your existing child custody order. Although these initial orders are carefully considered by judges and should be based in the best interests of the children involved, sometimes circumstances change within the family. The parent making the modification request will […]

3 Rules for Sharing Child Custody Over the Summer

3 Tips for Sharing Child Custody Over the Summer | Hall & Navarro | Georgia Family Lawyers | Child Custody

Hey y’all, I’m Paige Navarro. I just wanted to check in. I’m very excited about the summer. Particularly with our existing clients and our potential clients, we understand that summer can be very frustrating, especially if you’re in the middle of a divorce or child custody proceeding. So, I wanted to share with y’all three […]