Collecting Back Child Support

Are you worried about collecting back child support for your child or children? Watch this video and read below to learn about your options from Family Lawyer Paige Navarro. 


Unfortunately, within the area of family law, having to collect back child support is a common occurrence. We have had clients come to us that have not received child support obligations from the other parent in years. Whether it has been a few months or much longer, if you find yourself facing this issue, know that you do have options available to collect the money that is owed.

When You’re Owed Child Support, Document Everything

The first thing you should do is document everything. Keep detailed records of all communication with the other parent, including any agreements, court orders, and payment history. These will serve as crucial evidence in your case. If you have failed to document anything so far, it’s never too late to start.

Is Communication an Issue?

Before moving forward with potential legal action, we must ask: are you sure the missing payments are not due to a simple communication breakdown? Consider having an honest (yet amicable) conversation with the other parent to discuss your concerns and explain what is expected going forward. However, if you already have had this discussion, it is likely time to move on to the next step.

When It’s Time to Take Legal Action

If the failure to pay child support is not due to a simple lack of communication, talk to a family law attorney. He or she can provide guidance on the legal options available to you. The family law attorney will also assist in filing the necessary paperwork to obtain the child support that is owed to you and your children.

Enforcement Options with Back Child Support

While enforcement options vary, typically the course to collect back child support is filing a contempt action. Through filing a contempt, your attorney can gain access to the other parent’s employer records that shows their income. The attorney uses this information to create a payment plan. The payments will include the existing child support obligation based on their current income, along with an additional amount to pay off the back child support (also called “arrearages”). This plan is then submitted to the judge for approval and enforcement.

Why It’s Important to Make A Plan

We understand the frustrations that come along with being owed back child support. While it may seem overwhelming to go down the path of hiring an attorney for help, the effort will be well worth it in the end when payments start coming in as they should. The well-being of your child or children is worth every effort. If you have questions about being owed child support in Southeast Georgia, contact us to schedule a consultation. Our family law attorneys are here to serve you.

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