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The Do’s and Don’t’s of Social Media During a Family Law Matter

Social media apps on a device screen.

During a family law matter such as a divorce or child custody action, social media can have unintended and detrimental consequences. Opposing parties or attorneys often scrutinize social media profiles, making it crucial to exercise caution and make wise choices online. In this video, Legal Assistant Alexis Agnew explains some of the do’s and don’t’s […]

What Can I Expect on My Family Law Court Date?

What Can I Expect In Family Law Court? | Hall & Navarro | Family Law Attorneys

Paige Navarro here! We have several hearings this week, and the number one question that’s been popping up is, “What should I expect in family law court?” That’s a very important question! Since the lawyers in our office do this almost every single day, sometimes we forget just how nerve-wracking it can be leading up […]

Will My Prenuptial Agreement Hold Up?

Will My Prenuptial Agreement Hold Up? | Hall & Navarro | Georgia Family Law Attorneys

If you are considering divorce and have a prenuptial agreement (also called a “prenup”), you may be reading through it and wondering if it will hold up. As a reminder, a prenuptial agreement is a contract agreed upon by two individuals prior to their upcoming marriage. A judge will consider several factors when determining whether […]

Start Your Alimony Claim Before It’s Too Late

Start Your Alimony Claim Before It's Too Late

Are you filing for a divorce and have alimony questions? Act fast and start your alimony claim before it’s too late! Call our lawyers today. Determining Alimony I attended a mediation last month with a client who was eligible for alimony and the parties had determined that that was something that she needed in order […]