What You Should Know About a Criminal Charge

Are you or a loved one in the process of a criminal defense case? Learn what you should know about a criminal charge, then call our attorneys.

1) How the Criminal Defense Process Works

What You Should Know About a Criminal ChargeI had a client call recently because he was charged with a felony in Georgia. He asked me how the process worked, how the criminal defense process works. In the state of Georgia, if you’re charged with a felony, there are several different court dates that will occur in your case. The very first court date is called an arraignment. It is when you are notified of the specific charges and allegations against you.

The next step in the process after arraignment is the court will be scheduled – will schedule several plea days where you can negotiate your case with the assistant district attorney that is on the other side and is actually prosecuting the matter. Then eventually, you will be set for a pre-trial calendar where you discuss whether or not you want a bench trial, which is a trial simply in front of the judge, or whether or not you want a jury trial. That would be a trail in front of 12 Georgia citizens that your attorney would have an opportunity to weigh in and help select. Then once the jury trial or bench trial is complete, there will either be a conviction or an acquittal. If there is a conviction, there will be a sentence after that.

2) Timeline of a Criminal Case

Many of my clients are very concerned with how long a criminal case will take in Georgia. Many of my clients are employed outside the home. They have children. Timelines and timeframes are very important so that the family can plan, and their employers can plan.

Particularly in a felony case, there is no set time period or length that a case can take. It varies widely. I’ve had one case where it took two years, another case where it took five years. There is no pro forma timeframe on a felony matter.

3) Helping a Loved One with Their Criminal Charge

When I’m talking with my clients about how to prepare for defending their criminal charge, I always ask them to reach out to their friends, to their neighbors, and to their family who know them. As a friend of someone who is charged with a criminal offense in Georgia, you can do what’s called a witness affidavit, a character affidavit that speaks to the particular person’s character if they’re a good person or if they’re a good employee. You can offer this to assist your friend or family member if they’re charged with a criminal offense in Georgia.

Every one of these cases is unique. Every one of these cases includes different penalties. I would love to talk with you about your individual matter, whether it’s your family member or your friend. I can speak with you about it and give you some advice about how to direct them. Please don’t hesitate to call me.

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