What To Do After a Serious Injury

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1) Choosing the Right Attorney

What To Do After a Serious InjuryI had a client call and ask questions about how to choose the best personal injury attorney for an accident that occurred in Georgia. The best way to choose a very good personal injury attorney is to make sure that you choose someone with experience who practices in the area where your particular injury or accident occurred. You would want to get someone who is certified in the county where the accident or injury occurred, and you would definitely want someone with as much experience as you can find.

You want someone who clearly sets forth that they’re willing to litigate your case, willing to go to court. Internet research on attorneys is a very good way to determine who the best suited attorney is to assist you with a personal injury or an accident.

2) Avoid Trial

I had a client recently call me. He is involved in a personal injury suit and was very nervous about going to trial. He wanted to know if there was something he could do to avoid a trial in his particular case. In Georgia, you can settle your personal injury suit by virtue of negotiations between your attorney and the attorney for the insurance company or the individual who is liable for the injury that occurred to you. You can mediate or you can settle just by exchanging offers back and forth. It is not absolutely required that you go to trial if you are able to reach a reasonable settlement that you’re satisfied with.

3) Understand Emotional Damages

I have a client who I’m representing in a personal injury matter, and she called to ask if she could recover emotional damages in her personal injury suit. Emotional damages are recoverable; however, you would definitely need to prove those up by way of counseling notes and therapist notes to prove the emotional impact of the injury. You can testify to it, you can journal things, and that will assist your attorney in your case, but ideally you would want to have a therapist or a counselor who can come and testify on your behalf to explain to a judge or jury exactly what you have been through emotionally.

4) Settling a Case Out of Court

I had a client call recently. He was involved in a personal injury, and this was prior to his suit being filed. He wanted to know if his case could settle before a lawsuit was in fact filed. In Georgia, you can settle your personal injury claim prior to the filing of any lawsuit. In fact, the majority of cases are resolved prior to the filing of the suit. That benefits you in that your attorney’s fees are less, if you are able to settle it prior to the filing of a suit. The way that you can assist your attorney is to make sure that you bring to your lawyer documentation of all your medical bills, journal your injuries, take photographs as you’re going through the healing process. All of these things will assist your attorney in trying to resolve your case prior to the filing of a lawsuit.

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