What Can Bankruptcy Do for Me?

When faced with overwhelming debt, bankruptcy can seem both uncertain and hopeful. Many will wonder, “What can bankruptcy do for me?” and “What will filing accomplish?” Bankruptcy attorney Mike Hall and Paige Navarro have decades of experience helping clients through all types of bankruptcies. In the video below, he briefly explains what filing can do to help relieve debt.

Mike states:

“What people can expect to accomplish by filing for bankruptcy is to have a fresh start. To have another chance to readjust their debts. If they’ve fallen behind on house payments, they can catch up on house payments. If they’ve fallen behind on car payments, to catch up on the car payments.”

Find Relief Through Bankruptcy

Whether filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, there are elements of the process that bring relief to those who file. Even the cons of bankruptcy can be helpful by removing unnecessary burdens. For example, many consider the surrendering of assets to be a negative. However, the concern of maintaining unnecessary items can be an unrecognized burden.

Mike continues,

“If there are certain things that need to be surrendered like a car that has torn up or a boat, motor, or trailer that is no longer necessary, clients are able to surrender those assets to readjust their debts.” 

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No one wants to have to consider filing for bankruptcy, but there are benefits. Often, a client just needs a chance to start over and repair their credit. If you are considering filing bankruptcy in the southeast Georgia area, our experienced attorneys are ready to talk you through your options. To get started, just complete our online FREE Bankruptcy Case Evaluation, or call the offices of Hall and Navarro to schedule your free one hour bankruptcy consultation. Our lawyers have offices in Springfield, GA and Statesboro, GA to serve you.

At Hall & Navarro, our lawyers are dedicated to helping you find the best path out of overwhelming debt and on to a new start.

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