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One of the biggest questions in a divorce or custody modification is “What amount of support will I be expected to pay?”. These are the top five things that our office will need to help calculate child support (in Georgia).

Proof of Income When Calculating Child Support in Georgia

Our office will request your most recent pay stubs from your primary source of income. Should you have more than one source of income, or have funds deposited into electronic accounts such as CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, etc., our office will need the most recent statements from those accounts. Your income is calculated based on your year-to-date income. If you receive yearly dividends, retirement funds, income from trust accounts, or veteran income, you will need to provide this to our office.

Proof of Insurance Premiums

If you provide insurance coverage for your child(ren), this should be included on your child support worksheet, as this provides a deviation for the party providing the insurance coverage and paying premiums.

Calculating Child Support With Proof of Childcare Expenses

Childcare expenses can be included or excluded from the worksheet. The party that will be paying this expense directly to a provider can add the expense to the worksheet, so that the other party’s portion of the expense is included in the support obligation instead of an additional payment being made to the paying party.

Pre-existing Child Support Obligations

If you already pay child support for another child by Court order, our office needs the Order outlining that support payment.

Proof of Qualified Child

A qualified child is a child (not a stepchild) that you are legally responsible for that lives with you and that you financially support. There can be no pre-existing child support order where you would receive funds from the parent of this child, and no pending case to address support for this child. The best example of this is if you and a new significant other are living together, and you share a biological child.

Questions About Calculating Child Support in Georgia?

There are many factors to consider when calculating child support in Georgia. Having a helpful legal team on your side can make a sometimes difficult situation easier to navigate. If you are facing a family law matter and have questions about child support, contact Hall & Navarro. We are here to help.

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