Hiring Paralegal – Springfield, GA

Paralegal Position Available – Hall & Navarro, Springfield, GA


Who We Are Looking For

Hall & Navarro is looking for a superstar Paralegal to work in our Springfield office, primarily in the practice areas of family law & criminal defense. This person must be a team player who is a quick learner with strong administrative skills, computer savvy and wants to excel in work supporting our firm’s attorneys and partners.

This important position involves critical administrative duties related to direct attorney support. We are looking for a Paralegal who can hit the ground running at our fast-paced firm.  Skills and experience are appreciated and valued, and certainly considered, but your personality, character, intelligence, and integrity are also extremely important considerations.

Position Duties

  • Summarizing cases and preparing reports for attorneys
  • Conducting research, investigating facts and developing legal arguments
  • Drafting and e-filing legal documents
  • Preparing discovery and responses to discovery demands
  • Organizing and archiving the documents related to completed and ongoing cases
  • Preparing files for hearings
  • Keeping track of changes in cases and providing timely updates on these changes
  • Docketing (Scheduling) events
  • Assisting lawyers in the courtroom
  • Communicating with clients with updates and gathering information
  • Reviewing pending legislation

Position Expectations

This is a key, full-time position in the firm. While our open office hours total 36 hours a week, there are times when working more than 36 hours will be necessary to get the job done.

  • Customer service experience, legal experience and/or experience working in an office in a clerical/secretarial role is required.
  • You will be working on many tasks and cases concurrently, over long periods of time. We expect you to keep track of key dates, keep the right people informed, and prioritize your time so that we never miss a deadline.
  • You embrace technology and have strong practical experience with cloud-based platforms for case management, document management, CRM, calendars, e-mail, spreadsheets, and word processing.
  • You have extensive practical experience with common office applications (Word, Outlook email & calendar, Google, etc.)
  • You must have excellent spelling and grammar.
  • You have a penchant for accuracy and attention to detail and will work tirelessly to avoid mistakes that can cost our clients (and us) dearly.
  • You MUST be a positive person. If your middle name is “Drama,” you will not be successful here.
  • You should treat a client, case, or task at noon on Friday with the same care and compassion as one on Monday morning at 9:00 am.

What We Are Offering

Hall & Navarro is proud to offer a positive team-minded environment with professional growth potential. This position offers competitive salary, opportunities for performance-based increases, and benefits.

Education & Experience Needed

  • Completion of courses offered by a college or university especially for paralegals.
  • Certification as a trained paralegal.
  • Previous law firm experience.

Directions to Apply

If you cannot follow these basic directions, or if you contact us in a manner that leads us to believe you did not actually read this ad in its entirely, you will not hear back from us. We expect you to value our time by following directions and paying attention to detail.

Apply by email. Do NOT apply directly to this job posting. Email your resume’ and a cover letter in PDF format to hlatulip@hallnavarro.com. The subject line of the email should be your last name (all caps), dash, and one word that you would use to describe yourself (lower case) [For example: SMITH-compassionate]. Your cover letter should include the following information:

  • Why you are the team member we are looking for?
  • What are your 3-year personal and professional goals?
  • A link to your LinkedIn or other social media page.

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