How to Find the Right Divorce Lawyer for You

divorce lawyer

Divorce is an unfortunate, messy business, but for many couples, hiring a divorce lawyer is a necessary evil. There are about 876,000 divorces every year in the U.S. alone, which translates to 16,800 every week, 2,400 every day, or one every 36 seconds.

If you are considering or are currently going through a divorce, know how to find the right lawyer for the job. While there are endless divorce lawyers, there may only be a select few who are truly capable of handling your case, since every situation is unique.

Before you sign on with an attorney, consider these three important factors that will influence your decision-making and ensure you get the proper guidance throughout the entirety of the legal process.

  • Affordability
    One of the foremost things on many people’s minds when they are both going through a separation and in need of legal assistance to do so is cost. Whether you have a complicated financial entanglement with your spouse or you’re simply concerned about the costs of divorce proceedings, be sure to research a lawyer’s fees.While a more experienced attorney will be able to handle difficult situations with ease, you may be able to save on expenses by taking a gamble on a younger or less experienced lawyer who may be just as equally capable.
  • Family Ties
    When there are children involved in the termination of a marriage, it’s vital to contract a divorce lawyer who understands family law, especially as it pertains to state regulations. In Georgia, for example, a child is free to determine where he or she would like to live after age 14. Between ages 11 and 14, a court will take into consideration the child’s wishes in deciding custody arrangements.
  • Compatibility
    Perhaps the most important and often overlooked factor when choosing a divorce lawyer is your ability to speak and work with them comfortably. After all, you will often be required to disclose sensitive personal information in regards to your marriage so that you can build the best case possible to see the results you desire.At any rate, you’ll want someone you can talk to and trust during this difficult time; according to some research, a man’s chances of depression or heart attack double after a divorce, and their risk of suicide may also increase. Find a lawyer who’s not just a hired hand, but a helping one.

Just because you’re going through a divorce doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Take the time to find a lawyer to suit your needs — financially, legally, and emotionally.