Failing to Appear in Court

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What happens if I fail to appear in court?


I’ve had a client call and ask what will happen if I fail to appear in court in a case in Georgia. If you fail to appear at a court date that has been noticed and you have received notice of the court date, you can be charged with a bench warrant. A Bench warrant can be issued. You will be arrested.

You will remain in jail until the judge on your case opts to bring you into court. That could be days, weeks, or months. It’s quite imperative that, if you have a court date, whether it’s a misdemeanor charge or a felony charge, you appear at each and every court date.

If you learn after the court date has passed and you missed the notice, you need to call the clerk of that court immediately and let them know that you did not receive the notice and that you will attend the next court date. You need to ask whether or not a bench warrant has been issued against you.

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