Self Performance Evaluation

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Reminders about the self-appraisal:

1. Do an impartial self-appraisal of your skillset and your performance, motivation, engagement, conduct, and attendance. Please be honest and candid about your thoughts. The idea is to have a close-knit team where each of us is straightforward in our needs and concerns.

2. Be confident in pointing out the areas where you have been successful. Document your achievements. Use numbers, metrics, and specific examples when possible.

3. Provide comments for each section, advising whether your performance has been up to standards or whether you need improvement.

4. When assessing the areas where you think you want to improve, explain why you want to improve in that area and how you suggest to accomplish that. Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions or support in your development plan, i.e., guidance, direction, and mentoring.
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