Bankruptcy: A Fresh Start for Honest People with Honest Problems

Sometimes circumstances beyond our control lead to financial difficulties. Individuals in these situations should not feel dishonest for seeking help to relieve that burden. Filing for bankruptcy is sometimes necessary so that our families can receive the fresh start that is so desperately needed.

In the video below, attorney Mike Hall explains.

“Normally, the things that cause people to have a bankruptcy issue would be, for example, a death where one of the spouses dies and you have less income coming in to support the family. Sometimes, there are medical problems, or there may be a divorce. But there is always some issue that causes people to become insolvent, such that a bankruptcy can provide a way to have a new start.”

Perhaps you have experience one of the profound changes Mike mentions. Maybe you are facing your own set of unique circumstances that placed you in unexpected financial trouble. Whatever has led you to research seek help, there should be no stigma attached to seeking relief through declaring bankruptcy.

Mike continues, explaining who the bankruptcy code was written for.

“The purpose of bankruptcy is to give people a way to a new start, a fresh start. Bankruptcy is for honest people who have an honest problem.”

In these unprecedented times, many hardworking individuals are facing job loss, medical bills, loss of loved one, and more. The added pressure of finances is causing a great deal of strain on everyone mentally and physically. Yet, even in the best of times, these challenges can arise.

Don’t Wait Too Long to File for Bankruptcy

The immediate impact on our finances may not be felt, but over the long term, consumers may begin to feel the weight. Extra expenses lead to minimum payments toward debt. Interest rates and credit reports begin to show the strain. Even the most judicious of us may begin to struggle to make ends meet.

When debt begins to overwhelm, don’t delay too long before seeking help. Seeking help sooner gives attorneys and creditors a chance to help you in more effective ways. Credit Counselors are available to help consumers rehabilitate their debt before declaring bankruptcy is the only option, and completing credit counseling is a necessary step before filing Chapter 13 or Chapter 7.

You Are Not Alone

If credit counseling does not help you find the solutions you need to find a new start, there is no need to feel alone. The number of people declaring bankruptcy has overall been on the rise for decades. While the number seemed to be taking a downward turn in the last year or so, it is certain that with the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, that number will, once again, surge upward.

It is important to recognize that you are not alone. Many consumers and business owners are facing similar choices today.

If you are one of the millions of honest consumers who have come into overwhelming debt because of circumstances beyond your control, the attorneys at Hall & Navarro are here for you. If you live in Southeast Georgia, and the burden of debt is becoming too much to carry alone, the right attorney can make all the difference. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can guide you through The bankruptcy process and help you find relief.

A Fresh Start with Bankruptcy

Over the last two decades, Mike Hall has been helping individuals in Effingham and Bulloch Counties just like you find relief from overwhelming debt.

Mike and his team can help you decide if filing is the right choice for you, whether you need to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, and then they will walk with you through every step of your financial recovery so that you can find the relief you deserve.

Start by visiting our Free Online Bankruptcy Evaluation Tool. This short assessment can help us determine your best steps. From there, contact us to set up your free bankruptcy consultation and find your fresh start.

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