Filing Personal Bankruptcy in Georgia: Know what to expect when filing Chapter 7

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (or debt liquidation) can be a daunting task. However, it is often the best option for those with limited income and overwhelming debt. Before filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you must first attend and complete credit counseling with an approved agency. Who can file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? The Means Test In order to […]

When to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Owning a small business can be great. Many entrepreneurs have a strong passion the drives them to start a small business. But, all business ventures come with risk. One of the most common types of risk small business owner’s face is small business debt. When the debt from a business becomes unmanageable, the first thing […]

What Factors are Used In Determining Child Custody?

Child Custody | Family Law | Divorce Lawyer | Statesboro, GA | Springfield, GA

When divorcing parties cannot agree on child custody arrangements, most states have laws that establish factors the judge must consider when determining custody. A few states do not have any factors in their laws, and leave it up to judges to determine custody with guidance from decisions of the state appellate courts. These appellate court […]

Filing for a Divorce in Georgia – What you need to know

Getting a divorce can seem like an enormous task for anyone. Where do you start? What will happen to all of your assets? If children are involved, the process can be even more complicated. Divorce proceedings in Georgia can take a few short months, or could go on for years. While you are not required […]

Getting Out of Small Business Debt – What you need to know about Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

Many problems can occur to businesses; one of the most prevalent is business debt & bankruptcy. Finances can be hard to manage, especially as the owner of a business. Sometimes business debt can seem unbearable, as if there is no way out besides bankruptcy. As a business owner, you have options as to what kind […]