Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Asset Protection Planning involves reviewing your assets, risks, and financial goals to create a legal barrier between creditors and your wealth. This can be done using a combination of business and estate planning tools. Insurance alone does not always adequately protect against all threats. At Hall & Navarro we help clients protect their wealth using a variety of strategies including the use of special trusts, business entities and other legal arrangements. A properly established plan performs three primary functions: lawsuit deterrence, settlement negotiation leverage and/or placing your assets out of the reach of creditors. Asset Protection Planning is ideally performed prior to a lawsuit (or cause of action), however it can be implemented at any time. With asset protection, every situation is different.
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Choosing the right asset protection lawyer for your needs.

Our South Georgia law firm works with clients to implement proven, legally-sound strategies that will help preserve wealth and safeguard assets. Hall & Navarro represents professionals, small business owners, property owners, and other clients with the goal of protecting their assets against potential litigation, judgments, liens, and fraud.
Our law firm has expertise in assisting clients to arrange their finances, real property and other assets in a manner that minimizes their exposure to potential creditors. The attorneys at Hall & Navarro  are well versed in establishing trusts, determining insurance needs, creating estate plans and organizing investments and business entities so that our clients are able to enjoy the highest level of confidence in terms of the security of their accumulated assets.

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