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Budgeting After Bankruptcy

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Filing for bankruptcy can be a fresh start if the correct lessons are learned and necessary adjustments are made. Establishing and maintaining a household budget is a great way to get started down the path to financial freedom after bankruptcy. A key part of establishing a budget is to be honest with yourself about what […]

Finding Financial Peace After Bankruptcy

Helpful tips to re-build your credit, and rise from a bankruptcy filing Life after filing bankruptcy can be challenging and confusing. Filing bankruptcy can wreak havoc on your credit and your emotions, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t build yourself and your credit back up.   Although rebuilding your credit will be difficult, there are […]

Filing Personal Bankruptcy in Georgia: Know what to expect when filing Chapter 7

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (or debt liquidation) can be a daunting task. However, it is often the best option for those with limited income and overwhelming debt. Before filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you must first attend and complete credit counseling with an approved agency. Who can file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? The Means Test In order to […]